Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a typical show?
A show is usually between 15 -30 minutes. For corporate events/parties or cocktail parties, dancers can be used as ambience, dancing around the venue in 15 minutes shifts for up to 2 hours. The dancer(s) may use a number of props and can often get some of the audience up to dance!
Will the dancers bring their own music system?
The dance(s) can bring a small sound system with music on an iPod. If you are having a DJ we suggest using their sound system. The dancer(s) usually prefer to stay out of sight until after the music starts so it is helpful to have someone available to push the play button. Live musicians can be arranged upon request and are highly recommended!
What kind of music is used?
Depending on your preference we can use anything from Turkish, Lebanese, classical or modern Egyptian (Arabic). Zeffa’s (a traditional wedding procession) can also be arranged with recorded or live music. The Oriental Jewels can perform many folkloric styles of Middle Eastern dance for cultural/educational programs including; Moroccan, Turkish, Zarr, Khaliji & Raks Assaya.
Is tipping appropriate?
Yes, unless the dancers are on a large stage or the show is a cultural/educational event, tips are greatly appreciated. Guests may tuck money into the dancer’s hip belt while she’s performing or money can be thrown above the dancer’s head as a “money shower”.
How far in advance should I make my booking?
Two weeks at a minimum, this gives us enough time to coordinate with the client and to create the show. If you are flexible with the shows start time a last-minute show can often be worked in.