Belly dance is known to be one of the oldest art forms in the world.  No one knows where it originated exactly but through travel and trade between countries, the dance has grown and transformed many times through the decades.  Most commonly known as belly dance the correct name for it is Raks Sharki or Oriental Dance. It is most commonly performed at celebrations, at cabarets and restaurants.  The dancer uses a combination of sharp and smooth moments to express what is happening in the music being played. A number of props can be used from traditional ones like finger cymbals, cane or veil to more modern ones like fan veils, swords or wings.  Though belly dance is made to look easy it is harder than you think!

Talia teaches classes beginner through advanced/professional. She prides herself on teaching correct body posture and breaking down belly dance from the basics including everything from movement, props, music and dance history.  Looking for a fun challenge? You’ve come to the right place!

Amal teaches beginner belly dance in North County San Diego.  She takes the time to teach belly dance fundamentals so you have a great base to build upon. Whether you are just starting out or coming back to belly dance after a long absence, Amal is a great teacher to get you started.

Beginning Belly Dance with Talia

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Auburn Valley YMCA, 1620 Perimeter Rd, Auburn, WA 98001

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Not in session due to Covid-19 Please check back for updates

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What to Expect

In Talia’s classes you will start with a body strengthening warm-up, then onto isolation drills, combos and across the floor drills followed by a cool down and stretch. Talia tries to cover numerous belly dance subjects throughout her sessions from adlib dancing to props to musicality and instrumentation.

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What to Wear

Come to class in something easy to move in. Yoga pants and tank top will work just fine. Barefoot or dance shoes are fine for footwear, socks can be worn but note they may be slippery on the floor surface.

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What to Bring

If you have a hip scarf bring it with you if not some loaner scarfs are available. A water bottle is also suggested along with a yoga mat for floor warm up. Intermediate & advanced classes would bring veils & zills.

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Class Courtesy

When coming in late, get yourself ready quickly & join the class. No chewing gum in class. Talia likes to keep a positive learning environment, please don’t criticize yourself or others. Remember that everyone learns at a different pace and some people have prior dance backgrounds, try not to compare yourself to others.

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No refunds will be given after the first class of the session. Credits cannot be rolled over into the next session. Make-up classes will be given if needed.